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Meet Six Successful Boer Goat Breeders As They Share Their 'Inside Secrets' to Profitable Meat Goat Marketing

Here it is… all you need to know for how to market Boer Goat Meat… and get the results you want!

Prepare to Meet the Emerging Meat Goat Market with Market Your Meat Goats“Goat Meat: Untapped Goldmine on Four Legs” – a Comprehensive Guide for Beginners & Experts!


"This is for ALL goat meat producers…"

Marketing… No Impossible Task

Thanks, Russell, for sending me a preview copy of your book “Goat Meat: Untapped Goldmine On Four Legs”.

I found the book highly informative and the thing I enjoyed the most is that it really talks to you on your level. There is no impossible task of marketing your goat business on a corporate level, this is for all goat meat producers who roll up their sleeves and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, doing the job themselves!

Thanks again for sharing. I learned a lot about my own market, and took away several new ideas to implement into my line of operation.

Elizabeth Riley Virginia, USA


"I loved… reading the advice
other experts gave."



There’s a lot of valuable info on the potential markets you can target, all the different opportunities you can exploit with your goats, and even valuable care and maintenance information!

It’s evident that a lot of research has gone into this book, and I absolutely loved seeing the statistics obtained from official sources and reading the advice other experts gave. Russell has gone to a lot of effort, and the end product really shows up for it. 

Fantastic! Thanks for such a helpful guide.

Christy Paton Tennessee, USA

Here's why this ebook is regarded as the Internet's
#1 Information Source for Marketing Meat Goats

  • How much does it cost to raise meat goats?      
  • How long does it take to earn a profit from your Boar goat farm?
  • What are 4 major revenue streams that I can use?      
  • How much can you realistically expect to make with your initial investment?      
  • How can you take advantage of the tax benefits?      
  • What should you look for in a goat breeder?      
  • Is it possible to get started even if you don't own any farmland or equipment?      
  • What are the risks… can you really make money at this?
  • Tell you where the money is (and where it is not)
  • Give you some secrets to farming that you won’t get in any formal interview or workshop
  • How much can I get for each goat?
  • What equipment do I have to have, and what can I hold off on?
  • How long will it take before I start to make money?
  • How much land will I need?
  • Can I take advantage of Tax Incentives?
  • Other financial issues – and ways to increase your ROI
  • Where is the best place to buy my first goats?
  • Warning… we tell you danger signs to look for at the livestock auctions
  • Tell you where you can go to completely sell out your meat in 1 hour!
  • What are the risks?  Cut through the hype and get real answers

Introducing… The Marketing Guide for Profitable Meat Goat Production… For Beginners to Experts

You will learn how to grow your herd…
and keep them healthy!

The updated insights in this guide show you all the practical farming information you need to start your own meat goat operation.

  • It will share with you tips and practices from experienced hands-on producers who are successfully market their meat goats.
  • This guide will also share with you no-cost and low-cost advertising and marketing strategies to help make your farm profitable… in no time at all!!!

To: Meat goat producers… from beginners to experts… who plan to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for goat meat… and be successful from the start… this guide is for you!!

Hi, I’m Russell Alsop from

I’ve made it my aim to bring together the real story of how to make a meat goat business really get up and deliver… right from the start… without making costly mistakes.

  • Knowing what it's really like to raise goats and run a goat farm/ranch for profit…
  • Discovering from the experts how you can really market your product, and
  • Find buyers who will be consistent and allow you to grow your business…
  • Gain actual insight into the current business/market arena (don’t risk losing every penny you invest)
  • Be armed with real-time and factual information about how to sell your goats.

When you do your research online, or even visit as many goat farms as you can, when you are just starting out – you may feel overwhelmed – not even sure WHAT QUESTIONS you should be asking.

This guide will give you the questions to ask, along with explanations. This will allow you to feel prepared and relaxed as you concentrate on getting the most helpful answers.

  • How do you know you are asking the RIGHT questions?
  • How do you know you are asking ALL the questions you need to?
  • How do you know you are on a REPUTABLE website?
  • How do you know you are visiting a GOOD goat ranch?

You will find all you need to know to get started is right here: the fact is… I've already answered these questions for you!

We have interviewed, visited, and listened to SIX Meat Goat experts. They have decades of experience in Boar goat farming and have freely shared it with us. They have very successful ranches and can tell you what to really do to make a profit with meat goats, while enjoying the farming lifestyle.

While you may come up with some basics on the internet, you will find ALL of that in this guide, PLUS all the hard to find answers… and some secret strategies… right from our expert farmers.


Show goats or high elite quality breeding goats such as the one in this picture can be sold for $3,000 to $7,000 EACH!

Quality breeding goats can be sold for $300 to $700 each

Get your advice and suggestions from real farmers – they talk in a 'down-to-earth' manner that is easy to understand, while giving the knowledge that only hands-on experience can teach you.

After you learn all you can from our already successful farmers, we have a marketing expert who will then give you some ways you can assess your possible clients, and show how you can reach out to them and sell to them!

Yes!… Raising Meat
Goats can be profitable!

The major focus in this guide is on the one frequently neglected question, namely…

How do I Market My Meat Goats.

But there still remains one $$ Million Dollar $$ Question on everyone's mind… even from people with substantial financial resources..

"Can I Really Make Good Money Raising Meat Goats?"

That's where this guide stands out from the pack!

You've seen the prices, I'm sure.  An average breeding quality animal can cost as much as $3,000 – $7,000 … so it's easy to see why goats can be so profitable.  Best of all, since goats can reproduce and usually have twins (unlike a factory product), they can double or triple your herd size in one season!!

Do the math and you'll quickly see how much you can make by breeding a few and selling the offspring. Or you can really get into production, and breed many females and sell all non-breeding quality offspring as meat goats, while making a tidy profit. If you learn how to set up your ranch as a business, you should be able to claim thousands of dollars in tax benefits every year… and you may be eligible for agricultural grants!

You want and need to know how to recognize an opportunity to sell your goats.

Countless people have walked right past a great opportunity and not even recognized it was right there in front of them.

The experts we interview in this book have been there – and done that. They want to help you – so you can start out faster and hit your profit goals sooner. They will give you real-life stories of what happened to them, and how they built up their successful business farms.

Now you should be thinking:

"This Sounds Like A Great Investment Opportunity!"

After interacting with experts in this industry, I really have to completely agree with that statement!

If you steadily grow your herd and your reputation, you can make a living from selling just elite quality breeding goats. Then if you add in the income you will receive for the slaughter animals, you can put away meaningful profit. When you reach this level of success, you have options open to you. For example, it is possible to sell your entire breeding and production herd for a considerable sum! Or you may choose to continue building your operation and become a major meat goat producer.

"Just love me!"

However, goat farming will not be perfect for everyone.

  • You have to be an animal lover
  • You have to love the outdoors
  • You have to love nature
  • You have to have a sense of humor (and a little patience)
  • You won’t get rich quick – you have to put in your start-up time
  • You have to enjoy talking to people about your awesome goats
  • You have to be able to roll with the economy as it goes up and down
  • And… you need to follow the advice of Experts who have made it happen before you

 If you're an animal lover who enjoys the outdoors and you're not looking for a 'get-rich-quick' scheme… then meat goats can provide a truly amazing opportunity…

… An opportunity that will give you and your family a chance to enjoy nature, the company of animals, and a real profit to support your lifestyle and, eventually, your retirement needs.

And one of the best things about goat farming is…

There is So Much Call for Goat Meat That Market Prices and Demand Have Been on the Increase For Ten Years… and are Still Rising!

Demand has been projected to grow with ethnic populations at up to 30% per year!

This opens up a world of opportunities for you and your family. So if you're looking forward to potentially major profits…

  • If you want to take advantage of the significant tax savings associated with a farming business…
  • And you are really serious now about raising goats…
  • And you want to really sink your teeth into the information that can be key for you starting off right

… then this guide is for you.

Without this book…You are running on instinct! You will be making the same costly mistakes that others have made.

  • Don’t waste your time repeating mistakes.
  • Don’t waste your money on advertising methods that don’t work for the goat industry.
You will find easy-
to-follow steps…

With this book you will jump to the front of the pack.    You will receive:

  • Step by step instructions on how to make new buyer contacts and keep them
  • Strategies to time your breeding and production to take advantage of market cycles
  • Details, Details, Details on exactly how and where to market for your area
  • You will get real-world tips and tricks… with experts telling exactly what they did that lead to long term buying contracts and sales
  • Learn what sales will make you the most in profits

I cross-examined the experts for the answers to the most pressing questions and concerns faced by both new and experienced goat breeders – to provide answers for people just like you.

Like most "real farmers" in the U.S. and Australia, they wanted to help new farmers succeed. As you'll soon find out, this industry thrives on learning from one another… it's filled with many good hearted people who want to get you successfully involved with a prosperous, peaceful, fulfilling Rural Lifestyle

Virtually Every Facet
(Meat Goat Marketing) is Covered
for You
Inside This E-Book

Our Experts will share with you EXACTLY how they got started in this business.

They will give you some stories about their failures (so you can be aware of some of the pitfalls right up front). Then they will share with you their success stories!

Here's a quick preview of the valuable information you will have at your fingertips…

  • Marketing Factors – p.43
  • Cultural and Ethnic Factors – p.44-45
  • Nutritional Factors – p.14
  • How to Capitalize on the Local Food Movement – p.52
  • Some ‘Out of The Box’ Advertising – p.81
  • How to Connect with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) – p.48
  • Why NOW is the PERFECT time to start up a new meat goat business – p.4
  • Learn what the Experts think of the future of this business – p.86
  • Why you should join a meat goat association – p.71
  • Trends and Opportunities – p.4
  • Traditional Holidays where goat is the star – p.44-45
  • Key Steps to Evaluate Your Farm In Year 2 – p.11
  • Learn the Characteristics of the Meat Breeds – Choose the Best One for Your Farm – p.19
  • Avoid Pitfalls – p.15
  • Learn the Critical Records (stats) You Must Keep – p.28,75
  • Learn additional ways to get your Goats to Make Income for you while they grow – have more than one stream of income from your goats – p.40
  • Discover some inside secrets about Processing Plants - 63
  • Find out How Many Goats you have to sell each Year to achieve your Income Goal – p.18
  • Learn about all the nutritional facts, and how to take advantage of this to sell your product – p.33
  • Discover which customers will pay you more and why – p.66
  • Know what different ethnic groups look for when they purchase goat – p.4,81
  • Learn how to listen to your customers and create innovative solutions to keep them happy – p.64
  • When you can dry lot… or turn out to pasture – p.15
  • Work out the optimum number of goats per acre and why – p.9
  • Get the best advice about the fencing options that work for goats – p.22
  • We will look at the benefits of a guard dog – p.36
  • Learn about the fun goat behaviors and personalities – p.26
  • What to do to keep your herd happy and disease free – p.90
  • Learn about the grass fed movement and how you can use it – p.57
  • How many years a doe will keep having kids for you? – p.13
  • Know how to evaluate the efficiency of each goat – p.90
  • Even what to do if a goat tries to Butt you!? – p.27


All in all, this is a remarkable collection of information that is especially compiled… just for farmers new to goat management… and for those wanting a marketing edge to ramp up their operation.

So how much is knowing how to run a really successful and profitable Meat Goat farm worth to you?

When you do decide to invest in your first goat, even just one of the hundreds of tips in this guide could easily save you $ thousands $ of dollars… and weeks of hard farm work!!!

Buy now for only $37

In addition, you get access to the 'insider's view' of the meat goat industry – all at a bargain price because this guide will pay for itself in just the first chapter!

Think about the amount of time, energy, and money you would have had to spend to get all of this information.

The truth is … there are many secrets in this guide that no amount of time or research would have brought to light for you!

But… for less than the cost of a nice meal… you actually get years worth of tips and secrets that can only come from experienced breeders and meat sellers.

If you read and discover these secrets, you really will be able to market your goats with very few problems.  You will have learned from other people's mistakes, BEFORE you invested your money and time.  So your mistakes should not be as costly or serious. (OK… we all make some!!!)

If you have raised livestock before, this information will shoot you to the edge of making a profit in a year.

If you have never raised livestock before, never been on a farm, then this eBook is critical for you to buy and really understand the ins and outs of Marketing Meat Goats.

No more relying on small bits and pieces of information and not knowing if you can really trust it anyway – you will see why these experts want to share with you, and how your success is actually good for them – they WANT you to Succeed!

Buy now for only $37

So… not only do you get the "Goat Meat: Untapped Gold Mine on Four Legs" guide… you get a whole lot more.

And what do I meant when I say 'a whole lot more'?

I want you to have the same advantage I had by getting a close-up look into a selection of the most successful operations in the country.

And I want to give you the audios of these interviews! While these professional experts are widely quoted in the book, still it was impossible to include every nugget that they shared with me.

 Act Now and Get All These Bonuses – Absolutely FREE! 

Everyone who orders the Goat Meat: Untapped Goldmine on Four Legs"will also receive these audio interviews on MP3.  That’s right… you can own the book AND have the audios both.  They are yours absolutely FREE.



Free BONUS Gift # 1

An exclusive interview with DR. FRANK PINKERTON, from Martindale, Texas, known and loved in the industry as 'THE GOAT MAN'

… the researcher who bringscutting edge goat science to the local farmer!


“The domestic-produced goat meat sells for a higher premium than the imported 6 packs…  But, both products clear the market every month.”

Free BONUS Gift #2

An exclusive 2-part interview with DR. KEN McMILLIN, Professor of Meat Science at Louisiana State University

… with a solid scientific  background Dr. McMillin seeks to fill the 'information gap' between production and consumption.


“A goat producer can be  self-sustainable if they do a couple of things…”

Free BONUS Gift # 3

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Texan Boar goat breeders JACK & ANITA MAULDIN

To support the needs of the serious commercial meat goat producer, Jack and Anita Mauldin are on a continual quest to breed a lower maintenance, higher yield, Boar Goat. Their Boar Goat genetics are both nationally and internationally recognized.


“…in the United States they have so much focus on the shows…”

Free BONUS Gift # 4

An exceptional interview with the key people behind the hugely successful Boer Goat operation of “Seven Hills Tallarook” in Victoria, Australia, SUE RYAN (Consultant & Trainer), and GLENN MARTIN (Sales & Marketing).

Through the application of disciplined monitoring techniques, "Seven Hills" staff truck out to processing plants quality Boar goats every week throughout the year… regardless of season or festival! Join us for a rare interview with the key people in Australia’s most forward thinking Meat Goat operation.

011“From our herd of 2000 plus animals we are challenged to supply even our immediate local market.”

Free BONUS Gift # 5

  "An exclusive Interview with Montana meat goat breeder YVONNE ZWEEDE-TUCKER, Founder of the "Profitable Meat Goat Conference"

A published author in her own right, Yvonne boldly steps outside the square as she pushes the envelope in meat goat production.


“They took the red meat off the bone, and as a percent of total body weight, the Spanish had just as much [meat] as the Boer!”

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you order the "Market Your Meat Goats" eBook today because we're offering you our iron clad guarantee…


And we use Clickbank … the most secure and trustworthy online method of payment worldwide!
No one else sees your credit card details.



Emma’s parents were the first
to import Boer genetics
into Australia!

There is nothing we like more… than a rounded meaty backside!

This is a great book providing important information to the goat farmer. It’s easy to read and follow… providing information which is vital when making important decisions on meat goats.

We certainly agree… the Boer-infused meat is superior to most of the rangeland goat meat exported from Australia.

With the show goats, we at Macgregors and Terraweena insist that our show goat has all the main traits needed to also be an excellent meat producing goat – conformation, width, length, MEAT qualities and fertility (male or female).

Boer goats are meat goats, and that is what we promote above all else.  There is nothing we like more in our show goats than a rounded meaty backside! I really like the direction you are taking here Russell.

Emma Cabot Darling Downs, Queensland, Australia

Buy now and download instantly!
For just $37 you will receive…

The Ebook

"Goat Meat: Untapped Goldmine On Four Legs!" Gain PRICELESS INFORMATION on "Marketing Your Meat Goats"

Free BONUS Gift #1

An exclusive interview with DR. FRANK PINKERTON, otherwise knows at 'THE GOAT MAN'

Free BONUS Gift #2

An exclusive 2-part interview with DR. KEN McMILLIN, Professor of Meat Science at Louisiana State University

Free BONUS Gift #3

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Texan Boar goat breeders JACK & ANITA MAULDIN

Free BONUS Gift #4

An exceptional interview with the key people behind the hugely successful Boer Goat operation of “Seven Hills Tallarook” in Victoria, Australia, SUE RYAN (Consultant & Trainer), and GLENN MARTIN (Sales & Marketing).

Free BONUS Gift #5

  "An exclusive Interview with Montana meat goat breeder YVONNE ZWEEDE-TUCKER, Founder of the "Profitable Meat Goat Conference"

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To your Meat Goat Marketing Success!


P.S. So if you’re seriously DYING to know how to make money from meat goats… you can learn ALL the secrets at a click of a button… for just $37.00!!!

P.P.S.  Don’t forget, I’m also offering you a bunch of FREE EXCLUSIVE interviews with SUCCESSFUL goat meat marketers who share their secrets with you for FREE if you buy this guide now!

P.P.P.S. Remember, I’m offering you a 60-day 100% MONEY BACK GURANTEE so if after purchasing my guide you feel it wasn’t valuable to you, you can get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED! That’s a promise!!

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